While serving on the faculties of Indiana University's Jacobs School of Music and the University of California, Santa Barbara, I spent several rewarding years teaching in the university environment. Currently I continue my work with students in a wide variety of settings - through masterclasses, special workshops, private lessons, coachings, consultations and online lessons.  



As a musician, I do enjoy traveling, and meeting piano students is always a great joy. I've offered masterclasses in schools around the world, such as the  Tel Aviv University, Oxford University, Princeton University, Cleveland Institute, Peabody, Lynn University, New York University and more.   



I produced the “Classical Minutes” podcasts for musicians, students, performers and listeners who study, enjoy and live with great music.  In a series of 100 brief and engaging shows, these podcasts explore a wide array of topics related to being a classical pianist today, and offer invaluable information in an easily accessible format.  The central focus is on the wonderful and unique challenges of interpreting great masterpieces and bringing them to today's audiences.